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Florida Model Comp Card and Portfolio Photography / Actor Headshots
(Comp Cards are sometimes called Composite Cards or Zed Cards ~ Actor Headshots are also called Head Shots)

Why do Models and Actors need Comp Cards? Click Here (Opens in a New Window)

100 Comp Cards are $69 including Design & Shipping for the Best Thick Glossy Cards.

Full Light Retouching is $20.00 each photo. There's up to 5 on a Comp Card.

This is normal retouching for a Model or Actor. Your pictures must look natural.

For other purposes a more complete Air Brush / Retouching job can be done
like this for $20.00 each picture

Complete Before and After Retouching

This is often done for High School Seniors, personal use, and commercial uses.

Normal Comp Card design & printing time is 1-2 weeks.
Custom Designed Comp Cards by Photographer and Photoshop Artist, Dale Henry are $45 extra.

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Model Comp Card - Front Model Comp Card - Back
Example front of a comp card                     Example back of a simple designed comp card P  

Models Comp Card - Front Models Composite Card - Back
Example front of a comp card                     Example back of a simple designed composite card

Note that these words all mean the same thing. The different terms are regional:
Comp Card, Compcard, Comp Cards, Composition Card, Composite Card, Zed Card.

Florida Professional Model and Actor Photographer: serving Florida including Bradenton
Brandon / Clearwater / Englewood / Largo / Port Charlotte
Punta Gorda / Saint Petersburg / Sarasota / Tampa / Venice

Dale Henry Photography Florida Model and Actor Photographer

    High quality Photographs are critical for Models and Actors. Your Comp Card or HeadShot
    is often the first impression for Agencies and Clients. It should influence the quality,
    style, and amount of work you get as a working model or Actor.

    Your Pictures will say a lot about you. It will provide Prospective Clients an
    insight of your personality, charisma, and especially professionalism. And your
    Photographer should accurately show what you can look like. Your Photographs
    must display your best features, and should show your full body includint a close-up face picture.

    The clients you'll be working for are often wanting a specific look.
    To get their attention on you and stand-out, it's very important
    to have a variety of your looks on your Comp Cards. 50% of Actors are now using Comp Cards also.
    too. This means your pictures need to be unique.
    HeadShots for Models and Actors need to a clear, well-lit, full face pictures and well-cropped.


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Need Model Agency Comp Card Pictures Taken? Go to my Dale Henry Photography Website

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